Your Cobalt Coaches

At The Cobalt Club we take in pride in the fact that we are great trainers, but above that - great people. We will ensure you are always supported, welcomed and included. We are more than just trainers, we are your coaches, we care.



Co-founder & Trainer

Meet Amber!

With over 7 years of experience within the fitness industry and a driving passion to uplift and instill confidence in others.  Amber knew it was time to return to her home soil and share her skills with her people. Body sculpting and hypertrophy style training is her specialty but coaching, inspiring and motivating others is her true calling and purpose here.


Willis Alatini

Co-founder & Trainer

Meet Willis!

With years of athlete style training and professional rugby league experience, Willis brings a plethora of knowledge and ability to Cobalt. Willis excelled in representative rugby league for Newcastle and NSW before moving to NZ and decided that coaching and training others was his true calling. Alongside that, you will not be able to miss or forget Willis’s infectious energy. He will hype you up and push you to your limits whilst making you laugh at the same time.



Cobalt  Trainer

Meet Say!

In 2017, Say graduated form the University of Waikato with a Sport, Health & Human Performance Degree. He has been a Sport and PE Secondary School Lecturer, where he worked with high school students who had difficulty learning, and low motivation. Thus he has not only the passion, but the experience in embodying a positive change and impact to people's lives. Prior to working at Cobalt, Say was a trainer at F45

Mikey Helg

Cobalt Trainer

Meet Mikey!

Mike has 5 years of experience with leading gyms and fitness establishments in Auckland. He has coached many transformational challenges, boxing events and group classes. Mikey not only brings personal training experience to Cobalt, but also knowledge and expertise in combat sports, boxing, kick boxing and mixed martial arts.


Taran Paris

Cobalt Trainer

Meet Taran!

The lovely Taran is Cobalt’s newest recruit and we are so pleased to have her join our team. Taran is a beast in the gym and has years and years of experience in many gyms and training facilities. We are very excited to facilitate and watch Taz grow at Cobalt.