This program is our home-based training option. It will consist of circuit style and resistance based workouts all with minimal equipment.

This program is designed for all fitness levels and & you will have the ability to increase or decrease intensity depending.

Home sculpt comes with customised nutrition + coaching tailored to help you achieve your individual health + fitness goals. Whether that be to tighten & tone, or gain some serious muscle this program will all help you to achieve this.

Nutrition Coaching includes:
- Individual calories & macros
- Access to the Cobalt+ app and it's features
- Education videos
- Inapp Cobalt+ Meal Tracker
- Access to hundreds of recipes
- Online coach to answer any questions you have

Our favourite part of our programs is that over anything they will give you the tools you need to continue this lifestyle well past the 8 weeks. Sculpt will educate you, include you, and show you a sustainable way of achieving your goals.


Home Sculpt Consists Of:

  • Circuit Training / HIIT

  • Weighted Sessions progressing each week

  • Low-Intensity Cardio

  • Daily Step targets

  • Habit tracking

To complete this program from home you will need at minimum:

* A set of dumbbells (ideally two sets, one lighter for upper body, and a heavier set for lower body)
* Booty bands
* Long Resistance bands / Cobalt RB Pack
* A bench or yoga mat for the floor
* Food scales - for nutrition tracking



The Home Sculpt program gives you the choice of different payment options to suit you.