What's Included?

- Individual macro/calorie calculations

- Macro-coaching/nutritional coaching + videos

- Nutrition ebook with recipes

- Challenge group via the app

- Entry to prize pool

- 6 weeks of online workouts, 5 per week (with videos) 

- 1x additional mid way check in (calorie/macro adjustments if needed)

- Two way messaging with your coaches to answer questions/check technique via app

- Chat groups on the app to communicate with the community & stay motivated and supported

- Use of the Cobalt+ app to track your progress. Add your progress photos, your PB's/weights you lift in the gym, BF%, weight + more.

- Sync MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch and/or FitBit to your app

- Training calendar set via app for each week

- Habits & mini goals set by your coach on your app

To complete this program from home you will need at a minimum:

- A light and heavy set of dumbbells - We have Cobalt Adjustable DB's which include 1- 11kg's
- Cobalt Resistance Band Pack or something similar
- A bench or yoga mat for the floor
- Food scales - for nutrition tracking

Recommended but not needed:

- Booty band 
- Barbell with plates