6 Week Challenge V10 - 06.03.23

Our 10th Challenge is here and we are a little emotional... what a ride, to think we have changed THOUSANDS of lives, nothing in the world compares. Each challenge has been special, but this one is SUPER SPECIAL and to celebrate we are giving our V10 winner: Flights & 5 nights accomodation for 2 in a 5 star resort in Fiji!!

"Hold on, i'm new here - what even is it?"

At Cobalt we specialize in Body Sculpting. We created our 6 Week Challenges as an opportunity to share our knowledge and mass teach our community our simple & effective method to achieving body composition goals.

What makes it different?

We debunk all the myths you believe, allow you to choose the foods that YOU enjoy, train in a fun & purposeful way and join the most uplifting & supportive community - all whilst absolutely smashing your health and fitness goals. It sounds too good to be true, but the results show for themselves right?

What will I get out of it?

Fat loss, muscle gain, increased energy, better mood, self confidence, self pride, happier, kinder, more productive... this challenge will get you all of this, but this isn't even the best part...The best part is that everything you learn in this challenge you'll take into your life forever.


Cobalt+ App: Whether you choose to participate Online or are able to join the Club & do In-house, you are part of the same community all connecting, learning & staying motivated/accountable through our very own Cobalt+ App.

Training Program: V10 will consist of either a gym OR home based weight/resistance training program with the option to select between beginner or intermediate/advanced fitness levels. The online training program will mimic the style of training we implement at our gym & we also add extra workouts such as a booty sesh for our big booty cuties.

To complete the home program you will need at a minimum:

1. A set of dumbbells - We have adjustable DB's for sale on our website.

2. Cobalt Resistance Band Pack or something similar

3. A bench or yoga mat for the floor

You will have 5-6 workouts per week. Each workout will be 30-45 minutes long and a mixture of interval/circuit style and weight based sessions.There will be different rep ranges & sets for our beginner and advanced programs.

Nutrition: Your calorie & macro targets will be calculated for you based on your individual goals, body type/stats & activity. We will then teach you how to choose foods and portion sizes based on these numbers and how to track your nutrition correctly using MyFitnessPal. You will receive our Cobalt Nutrition 101 Ebook our 'how-to guide' which includes everything you need to know, recipes, explanation video's & zoom Q&A's.

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