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How It Works

The program is all run through our Cobalt+ app.

Once your purchase your program will begin the following Monday.

Nutrition: You will receive personalised calories & macro targets + meal guide suggestions & 100's of recipes to choose from! You will learn to track your own calories & hit nutrition targets all via our In-app Meal Tracker.

Training: Your program will consist of 2x 4 week blocks. You will have your workouts scheduled for you on your calendar but have the option to switch this around as you please. Each workout will have corresponding demo videos with verbal technique cues to help you with form.

What's Included

  • Individual macro/calorie calculations
  • Personal Meal Plan Suggestions
  • Macro-coaching/nutritional coaching + NEW videos
  • Access to our new Cobalt+ In-App Meal Tracker with hundreds of recipes to choose from
  • Two way messaging with your coaches
  • Use of the Cobalt+ app to track your progress. Add your progress photos, your PB's/weights, BF%, weight + more.
  • Sync MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch, Garmin, FitBit + MORE to your app
  • Sync your Cobalt+ to Smart Watch
  • Training calendar set via app for each week - Habits & mini goals set by your coach on your app
  • Structured training program with proven success to sculpt and tone your body.
  • Physical results, Mental clarity & Overall better health + well-being

Your Commitment

1. Upfront for $150 (SAVE $10)


2. 8x Weekly Payments of $20

Our Promise

Fat loss and/or muscle gain, increased energy, better mood, self confidence, self pride, better overall mental health. PLUS a tighter or bigger booty what more could you ask for?

All we ask from you is to fully commit to our program & trust us as your coach for 8 weeks!

The results will come.